For members of the club – “Kanis”, to conduct certification of ophthalmology is more important – especially for breeding dogs and breeders who are always suitable for growing healthy pets.
A veterinary Lіkar-ophthalmologist Nesteryuk Volodymyr Anatolyovych is special for you from Kiev.
Date of completion: 23-24 March 2019 Rock (Saturday, Nedіlya).
Denmark is an ophthalmologic type of case for respecting dogs with spadkovimi (genetic) eye sores. By the headline of the є profilaktika narodzhennya of the sick progeny і i vklyuchennya razvevennya hvoryh dogs. The document certifies the document, which is described as a guideline, with recommendations. Copies of the form about passing certification certificates go to KSU, for monitoring and statistics. Recommended frequency of passing under the item 1 time in 12 months
Certification of the ophthalmologic detail includes such methods: biopsy, ophthalmoscope, tonometry і, if necessary, gonioscopy і Schirmer test.
Once the event has been completed, it will be completed.
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Topic sheet: “ophthalmologic case”
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