About Club

The club was founded in 1991. The first head is Maevska Olena Konstantinovna. In 1996, the club entered the Ukrainian Kennel Union and since then has been fruitfully working in cynological tribal activities, performances and sports with dogs.

Since 2005, Oksana Hrebeniuk – judge of the International category of the FCI, became the leader of club.

To date, the club is proud of the judges who are members of the Canis Club:

International judges FCI

and the judges of the national category UKU:

During the activity of the club, a large number of national and international exhibitions were held in Vinnytsia.

Club members and their pets show high performances each and every year in other cities and countries outside the country.

Thanks to the administration of the city and the initiative of the club Canis, the first training ground was set up near Vyshensky lake.

Club KANIS conducts exams for training twice a year, “Dog in the city – І, ІІ” and IРО.

Also for members of the club conducts ophthalmologic examinations for breeding dogs, training seminars for breeders, training sessions, training.

To get acquainted with the full activities of the club, to get qualified advice from specialists is possible at the address:

Vinnytsya, Stetsenko Str., 75A. Schedule: from 14:00 to 18:00 (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) or Contact us.